“If I am an angel, paint me with black wings.”
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aww, you sound lovely as expected and natural ! 8)

;O thank you very much. I’m always so weirded out by my voice but I think almost everyone is haha


you dont need to say “i’m not a ladies code fan but-” in order to say you are sorry or upset that eunbi passed away… death is death and you don’t need to be a fan to mourn over the death of someone who was full of life and had a lot to give..


I may not be a Ladies’ Code fan, but my condolences go out to the other members involved in the accident, EunBi’s family, her friends, and the Ladies’ Code fandom. May the driver and EunBi rest in peace, and may the rest of Ladies’ Code have a quick, full recovery. 

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what’s your insta? Can I add you? I’m meowfany :D

absolutely! my insta [x]

Not to sound like a creep or a stalker or anything, but I just love to check your blog when I have spare time. Your works really inspire me and I love to keep on track on what are you doing c:

You don’t sound like a creep anon! It’s very sweet and I love that you take the time to visit my blog so thank you very very much <33333333


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do you follow laemint? and amigonew?

Yes I do, I follow them both.


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do you follow astrospace?

I don’t ):

Hi ! =) I would love it if you do the Tumblr Accent challenge. I don't know if you ever done it or not, but I would love to hear your lovely voice!! <3

HI <333 I Ah I have done the tumblr accent challenge, here’s the link xd I sound a bit weird but hey hehe