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hey lovely ! I hope you're having/had an amazing day, but I was just curious as to what your opinion on and of Sistar is ? & wow totally blushing rn because s'cute omfg ilysm thanks (??) bye ! /hugs you into oblivion before running away

HI ANNONN <33 I’ve had a pretty lazy day and i lovee it haha.

I absolutely adore and love Sistar, one of the first girl groups that really caught my eye when I first got into Kpop. love love loooooooove them! & you are too cute askdjaksj anon <333 i hope you are also having a lovely day /gives you a giant bear hug/

what do you think about WINNER? idk much about them but I think that perhaps audience is overestimating them?

I like em a lot, tbh. They were everything I hoped they would be and more. I didn’t watch their shows or listen to anything pre debut so I didn’t know exactly what to expect but so far I’m really impressed. 

Erica ^ _ ^ it's so good to see you in instagram ^ _ ^

I’m having so much fun with it askdjaksd <33


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What if Big Byung legit wins Rookie Of the Year awards? Like their name is announced without even being nominated and Sungjae, Hyuk and N get up from their seats hesitantly like ‘should we go up?’ And then theres Jackson who jumps out of his seat screaming, rubs it in his members faces and runs up grabs the award doing a flip with it pounds on his chest then points to the heavens and then thanks himself first for their win. Asap Rocky being the second person he thanks.