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Hello I was wondering if you have any tips, I'm pregnant and I'm really scared because my frame is so small (I'm 5'2") but my doctors said my frame is smaller then normal and my baby is growing at a much faster pace then is safe for my frame, but I really don't want to get a c-section and I want to go natural. And they also said because of my young as they think it might be safer for a c-section. I really want what is best for my child. I don't know what to do and I'm so scared.

Hey anon <33 It’s best to listen to your doctor. I also didn’t want a c-section, the thought of a scar and just the whole process terrified me. But as someone who also had a c-section, it wasn’t too bad. You get to stay at the hospital a little longer and I would take that time to sleep, A LOT. Also, they will prescribe you painkillers. The only thing that sucks is the pain, you really learn how important your stomach muscles are. It doesn’t last long and you will get through it. Do what’s best for your child, anon. Get lots of rest, eat healthy, and most important of all listen to your doctor. 

I also have a really small frame, I’m only 4’11 and I really wanted a vaginal birth. When I was in labor, they said that it might be possible but I stopped dilating at 5cm and I had to go into emergency c-section. 

Now they will either have you awake for it, of course you won’t feel a thing though or they will put you under. I had to be put under because of complications plus I kind of lost my cool. 

Iwish you all the best, anon. You can come and talk to me anytime, this is a very difficult yet happy time and if you need to vent or someone to listen, I will always be here.

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I miss Kris from EXO. Do you?

Yes, very much so, but he’s doing what’s best for himself. I’m happy that he’s doing well.

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